5 Filling Food for your healthy diet!!


Tip to remember: Select wisely from wide range of healthy products available in market. Add more filling foods to your diet. To keep Belly Fat at Bay

Why filling foods is must ?

☆ ☆ Filling foods will reduce your appetite and make you eat less.

☆ ☆ To reduce Belly Fat one need to consume less amount of calories.

☆ ☆ To deal with hunger pangs you need to consume filling food in your diet.

It is must in a process of weight loss that calories intake should be less whereas calories burn rate should be higher. That’s why, one on a diet became calorie conscious. It’s also obvious that the craving for unhealthy food will be on your mind and that too came because of the lack in food. Most of the healthy food are not filling food that’s why we have hunger.

To deal with such a situation, you need to search for foods which are filling and contain fewer calories at the same time. Such foods will restrict you from consuming an extra amount of calories.

Even if you are on diet or not, one can consume filling foods for a healthy lifestyle. Below I have find some filling foods for you. Hope you may love it !

(1). Eggs

Eggs : Great source of protein

Calories : one large boiled egg contains 100 calories.

Protein for weight loss are popular nowadays.

It is a quick snack which can be prepared in less time and you can also say a bye bye to craving of unhealthy food. It is good to have a boiled egg. Adding this in your breakfast will provide you energy for the rest of the day.


2. Oats

Best time : Breakfast

Rich in : Fiber

I feel oats and weight loss have direct relation because whenever one thought of weight loss and diet the very first thing came in mind is oats. Oats are one of the healthiest and weight loss friendly food that can help you to kill unhealthy craving. Oat meal is rich of fiber and a filling food too.

Oats also provide you with the required energy the one need to perform it’s day to day tasks. They not only provide you nutrients but also help in digestion.


3. Salad

Salad yew ! !

I knew it’s sound like boring. Feel like a diet food for those who are sick. But trust me it is much healthier than we might thought of. When we are searching for a food with less calories, and there is nothing better than a salad. Most vegetables contain fiber which makes salad extremely filling. You can add your choice of vegetables. Making it healthy not to add sauce or oil to it. You can also try some new salad recipes too.


4. Nuts

Nuts are extremely filling food. A handful of nuts in a morning will keep you full for a day. They are rich in good fats. They are rich in nutrients. But do remember that nuts are high in calories too. So measure the quantity before eating.


5. Popcorn

Popcorn is tasty and healthy snack. A snack which lies under 100 calories. A loveable food which I am sure everyone wants to add up in their diet. But wait, remember that don’t add butter on it. They provide you fiber. They will satisfy your stomach and as well as craving.


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