Oats and pumpkin cake for a healthy but more delicious diet recipe

Pumpkin Oats Cake: Perfectly Healthy Way Of Satiating Sugar Cravings

One of the nutritious and low calorie vegetable is Pumpkin. This versatile vegetable has versatile lovers too. From Fitness Freaks to sweet lovers all are fan of this veggie. Do you know that per 100 grams of pumpkin intake will give you just 26 calories with vitamin A and vitamin C as per research data provided on internet.


Oats and pumpkin cake

Method For Making Oats Pumpkin Cake:

1. First peel the pumpkin and then grate it properly.

2. Add the grated pumpkin with Ghee in a microwave bowl.

3. Put this batter in a microwave for 3 to 4 minutes

4. Then add the jaggery or Gud powder in the batter and then put it back into microwave for 30 seconds appropriately so that jaggery is mixed up well with the batter.

5. After the process take the batter out of microwave, than add all the hard shell items into it such as wheat flour, oats, milk, nutmeg, baking soda, salt and other nutritious items you wish to. Mix it properly.

6. Oil the pan and preheat the microwave.

7. Now bake the batter for 20 minutes on a 200 degree celcius. Put the batter into a microwave pan or a plate. In the upside down position. Garnish the batter with some chopped nuts, berries and flaxseed and some ghee. For 20 to 22 minutes at 200 degree celcius

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