Rainbow Village ! a colorful travel destination to explore


Do you love Rainbow, Don’t You ?
Wanna Experience the same on Earth ? 

” No i am not joking ” That Place is at a top of my travel list. Don’t believe me, no issues after reading this you will. This place will capture a space in your travel list too, I bet it !

Now you will say that “You can only see a rainbow if the Sun is behind you and the rain in front.” But let me tell you one can also see a rainbow on earth  “When ‘Grandpa’ is there, When one had the quest to save his village from demolition, Such an uplifting story can be read as by walking through the tiny village full of art and colors all around.

The Rainbow Village in Nantun District of Taichung, Taiwan 
This Beautiful place on earth is, i am talking about. 


How a 94-year-old Huang Yung-Fu ( a resident of The Rainbow Village ) fate had changed a rundown village with his artwork. Being the only one  living in a village is quite boring, isn’t  it ! . The same was happened with Grandpa, he was the only person left alone in his village. The Rainbow village didn’t go by the name decades ago. An erstwhile military village,
 the residents of village slowly began to stagnate which resulted in residents migrating and property developers rushing in to purchase what’s left of it for  redevelopment. Huang Yung-Fu sat in his house and began tinker around with his art products,  desperate to do something unique, wanna make an artistic masterpiece out of the old and rejected. He started painting these houses. His artwork mainly attribute humans, birds, animals and nature, all in vibrant colors. His artwork is colorful, Which is eye catcher. The village was earlier facing the dangers of demolition because of this reason he started painting, he took this step in order to save his village and guess what ! , His hard work paid off, now the Rainbow village is globally recognized and is one of the most popular tourist  attractions in Taiwan.

When you visit  The Rainbow Village don’t forget to explore more artwork in neighboring Art Street situated at the summit of Da Du mountain. The friendly environment
all over there is home to many galleries and art studios and is full with beautiful handicrafts to buy.


Every house of Rainbow Village is full of art and colors. This colorful houses and street view i tell you i am in love with them.


Huang Yong-fu is locally famous as the “Rainbow Grandpa”

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