Fascinating Realities Respecting Sikhism Religion 


The 5th greatest religion in the world amidst a rich furthermore varied antiquity – uncountable sacrifices toward this society to make this a safer place to breathe in. However, there live plenty of souls that stand unaware regarding the Sikhism Religion.

Impressive Realities Respecting the Sikhism Religion.

  1. This is the 5th biggest religion
  2. With 19 million followers in India out of 27 million followers global.
  3. The Sikhism Religion was established in India across 500 years ago.
  4. The Sikhism Religion is a separate religion, That has no connections with Hinduism or Islam Religion.
  5. Sikhs continue existing within America since 1897.
  6. 83000 Sikhs have died during Two world wars.
  7. Mainly 20% in the British Indian Army are Sikhs.

Sikhs faiths:

  1. Trust in monotheism – means that there is one God.
  2. Liberty of speech, faith
  3. Justice moreover freedom for whole
  4. Shielding civic freedoms furthermore guarding the weak
  5. unconditional equality regarding every soul outwardly respect to gender, nationality, class, or religion
  6. Equivalent powers concerning women

Sikhs DO NOT Believe In:

  1. Sikhs don’t believe in terrorism or harming honest souls
  2. Sikhs don’t believe in Hate, Discrimination, War based upon religion or fasting.

Sikhs Pride- Sikhs Turbans

  1. Sikhs Managed with their long and uncut hairs this presents diverse personalities
  2. From morning Almost 14 to 15 feet of fabric is covered skillfully round there heads each moment.
  3. Some misinterpret turbans as a cap but let me tell you it’s not a cap or a hat. It’s the pride of every Sikh. The aforementioned cannot be normally taken on or off.
  4. Sikhism Signifies self-control, honesty, humbleness, furthermore religiosity.
  5. Turbans hold a necessary component concerning Sikh belief this is not a universal custom.
  6. Sikhs feel embarrassed if demanded to remove their pride their puggree (turban) in public, being executing this bares an intimate portion of their body.

Sikhs worship Guru Granth Sahib Ji – our holy book.

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  1. kevin cooper says:

    Interesting facts. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Kuljot Kaur says:

      Thank you 🙂🙏

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  2. I will visit this temple one day….

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    1. Kuljot Kaur says:

      Sure, you would love it 🙂

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  3. RPR says:

    Exciting things ..

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  4. It’s very well written, I have also written a blog like this, go through it, I think it will help you😊


    1. Kuljot Kaur says:

      Oh ! Thanks 😊🙏


  5. chapter18 says:

    Interesting facts.
    An offering…Ik Onkar, a tribute to Guru Nanak Dev Ji on the 550th anniversary of the divine advent:

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