The Best Advice Ever

The World Will Always Judge You By Your Mistakes, Sometimes By your Good Doings But Mostly By your Mistakes

So, Always remember that it is upon you to how you face a situation – How you fight in your Bad Days – How you see situation and Most Important Thing Are you Still worrying about the world, what they say, how they react, if they laugh or not. Just remember giving up your dreams and your life does not going to solve your problem. It is just that The world will be happy by seeing another broken dreams. This is just on you, As you are the only one answerable to you that whether the motive behind my doings are good or bad – If it’s good then Go on else stop and think.


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  1. Mathew Philip says:

    Going through this situation

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    1. Kuljot Kaur says:

      Everything will be fine soon, just keep a trust on God 😊


      1. Mathew Philip says:

        Yes 🤝

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